Wu (2010)

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There are so many wonderful things about this film that it also is a bit frustrating that Director Kit Hui decided to do the editing herself. As a filmmaker, I always think it is a big mistake for a director to edit their own work because they are married to what they filmed and fresh eyes are so important during editing not only for a different perspective, but because a director often cannot edit sufficiently to keep the film keep moving forward. They don't wanna lose footage...even if it is better lost. Such is the case with Fog where the film drags time and again..an engaging moment and then re-engage the audience only to drag again.

Now on to the finer things...Terence Yin's performance is so measured and reserved that he allows the emotions of what is happening to envelop you instead of banging you over the head with "this is how I feel." The other beautiful thing that Kit has done is provided a slice of his life dealing with the unknown affects amnesia brings. His accident and the reasons for his amnesia are not relevant in the film and the conclusion is as his life will always be...a never ending journey of rediscovering who he was, is and will be. The ending is masterful.


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