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TUXEE prides itself on a sense of appropriateness for all occasions. Taking these traditional values of dress and decorum, the team has translated them into fresh designs for the contemporary man. Just as a wardrobe needs to be adaptable for all occasions, so too are the brand’s bespoke services – whether you’re looking for a casual weekend blazer, suit for a wedding or even a sports jacket. What is of upmost importance during the bespoke process is that whichever style the client arrives at, that the design influence is rooted in TUXEE's brand DNA.

Evening events are also a key social occasion to dress for, and the brand offers an unparalleled range of black tie and opera suits. Business suits are a more day-to-day affair, but no less important to get right, and both classic and contemporary cuts are available.

TUXEE is proud to have dressed many leading men and women for films, premieres and award ceremonies appearances. Tuxee was honoured to dress the Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress & Best New Actress nominees of 2017 Hong Kong Film Awards.

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